Tuesday, July 3, 2012


{first Winter walk}
Since I am almost half way through my 29th year I am very cognizant of my "to do before I am thirty" list. Organizing my photos is something I have been dreading. With over 9000 files spanning four years, to say the task is daunting is an understatement. I am, however, determined to get through it so I am chipping away at it little by little. Tonight I chose the photos I want to print from Violet's first year with us. There are almost 100. Since I know putting all of those pictures on this blog would be overkill (how could anyone not want to see a picture of the first time Violet tried solid food?), I decided to share just the favourite of my favourites.

It was really hard to narrow the field but here are my favourite pictures from Violet's first year of life.

I hope you enjoy them!



{first day}
{first days at home}
{first time in PEI/ heaven on earth}
{first hike with Nana and Papa}

{first visit to Sandwich Point}

{first day at Susie's}

{first, but hopefully not last, time dressing like a Spice Girl}

{Papa's first India visit}

{first hairband}

{first road trip}

{it isn't perfect, but this is our first family picture so I love it}

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