Monday, July 16, 2012

al fresco

{lunch out of doors}

Yesterday was not a "classic beach day". A classic beach day is Harris speak for a sunny day, no hotter than 30, no cooler than 25. Saturday was a classic beach day, Sunday, not so much. After an overcast, but fun morning with friends on Summerville beach we decided to meander along the coast instead of heading right back into the city. The coastline between Liverpool and Halifax is so pretty. There were approximately one million properties I fantasized about one day owning.

We stopped for lunch at the LaHave Bakery. We eat their bread sometimes, but I didn't realize they had a full service cafe. The place was hopping. It was a very " Halifax Seaport Market scene" -- a lot of hipsters and a few young families. We grabbed a seat a an outdoor table that overlooked the LaHave River. So so pretty.

Doesn't eating outside makes food taste better? It doesn't make sense, but it is true.

I would definitely make the trip to LaHave again, in fact it is the perfect distance for a mini-road trip. Just an idea for any free "not so classic beach days" you may have on your vacation. Or better yet, if you get too hot at a nearby beach (Rissers, Crescent and Hirtle Beach are all a stones throw from the cafe) pop over for a bite to eat. Call us if you go, I can still taste my sandwich --that sounds gross but I mean it in a good way!

If you go, get the eggs benny (that is Jeff's addition!)



{yummy Greek pizza}

{veggie panini with feta and olive tapenade -- I love salt!}

{just cheese and sauce pizza for the wee one}

{a man who loves his eggs benny}

{chocolate milk}

{this picture is so my dad -- I love him!}

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