Sunday, July 8, 2012

go jump in a lake

{this is hard to beat}
When I left work on Friday I thought I was heading into a weekend of thunderstorms and drizzle. Not so, apparently. I'm definitely not complaining! Today was a perfect day to head inland and swim in a lake. My friend recently described herself as an "ocean person" and I tend to categorize myself the same way. Given the choice, I would much rather head to one of our gorgeous local beaches than visit a little old lake. (It isn't fair comparing lakes to the Atlantic ocean is it? It is like comparing a really nice backyard garden to a national park or something.)

There are some notable exceptions to my general "ocean trumps lakes" rule. If the forecasted temperature for the day is in the low-to mid-twenties a lake beats the ocean every time. It is always at least three or four (some times ten) degrees colder by the ocean, which can make for pretty nippy beach time! I have sat on beaches huddled together with my family enough times to know better.

Grand Lake, in Oakfield provincial park, is one of our favourite places to visit in the summer. We have been going since Violet was a baby. There is a huge grassy hill where kids can play and parents can serve sand free lunches (major bonus for borderline OCD mums everywhere). Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from our visit. Way better than sitting on a beach in a hoodie!



{checking out the scene}

{verdict: the scene is awesome}
{this is my man repellant bathing suit**}

{bubbles in the grass}
{brave girl, there is a lot less to be scared of in a lake}
** I am not being self deprecating. Apparently "man repelling" is a when you dress for yourself/ because you think something is stylish as opposed to dressing for a man. This bathing suit is not one of Jeff's favourites. I have a few other items in my closet that I really like, but that always get the thumbs down from my sweet husband (a maxi dress that has been described as "too little house on the Prairie", for instance). Who is up for a girls night where we all wear our most "man repellant"  outfit? What a stylish group we would be!

Check out more on man repelling here:

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