Sunday, July 15, 2012

summertime in Nova Scotia

{Violet and her beloved Papa}
Sure we may not have as many jobs, our cities may not be as cosmopolitan, our cars might have a little more rust and it is possible that we have just a teeny-weeny inferiority complex when it comes to our Upper-Canadian compatriots, but when Nova Scotia does summer right you cannot beat it. It cannot be beaten. It is the best. Absolutely exquisite. Totally and completely worth the pay cut and the salty winter roads.

I'm just going to go out there and be all Woody Allen about it; Summer is Nova Scotia is terrific.

I so wish you could all be here!



{my mum is a stone cold fox}

{so is my sweet husband}

{I really need to tone down my "smile for the camera" face}

{a sausage and s'more eatin' nudie}

{has she reverted to crawling?}

{heck no! just climbing some massive boulders!}

{so gorgeous}

{end of the weekend cone}

{and snuggle!}

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