Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one-piece bathing suits: do or don't?

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I love bikinis. Unlike shorts, mini skirts, and tank tops I think they look great on so many different figures. There are, however, times when a little more fabric is required. No, I am not talking about church camp (literally the last time I wore a non-Speedo one-piece) I am talking about swimming lessons, pool parties and prancing around my backyard with Violet (there is construction next door, you understand). Violet tends to get grabby in the water and when I am wearing a bikini I always feel like I am going to flash someone. After four summers of this, I have had enough!

I hemmed and hawed about getting a one-piece. Was this the beginning of the end? What's next? Running shoes with work clothes? A fanny pack (without a sense of irony)? Or worse, mum jeans? A quick aside: mum jeans have really come full circle haven't they? When I was in high school, mum jeans were high wasted and tapered. Now that is cool. We used to wear low rise boot cut jeans, the bigger the flare the better -- I think that pretty much describes the 2012 version of mum jeans. Oh the fickle world of fashion!

So what do you think, are one-piece bathing suits a one way ticket to frumps-ville, or are they a cute, modest alternative to my summer favourite?

I am still on the fence, but at in my one-piece I won't flash anyone!



{"mum stop making me take pictures with you, your suit looks fine!"}

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