Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I miss my house husband!

{bye bye delicious weekday breakfasts}
Day two of Jeff's new job: I miss my house husband!

Those of you who know me will undoubtedly call my bluff -- I always have cereal for breakfast. Not even those delicious waffles with fresh berries and whipped cream can entice me before 8:00 am. Jeff whipped these up for he and Violet one morning last week. It is not the waffles that I will miss, it is the lazy mornings that I will fantasize about from now until retirement I'm sure.

I should say, in all seriousness, that I am so so so happy Jeff got a job that he really likes, in his field, in Halifax. That could be the end of this post. It really sums up how I feel, but even good changes come with an adjustment period and I am adjusting to our new pace of life. We all are. Most of the changes are good, some are great...having to think about someone else needing hot water in the morning -- not so fun.

I think in a weird way I have been spoiled having Jeff home a lot this past year. FIrst of all it has been a great way for him to grow even closer with Violet. Second I had a sweet husband who was very available, which was awesome. If I needed a drive, he was there. He almost always got supper started (and often finished it and cleaned up). He even cleaned the bathroom ladies...no joke. I got a good one. It is not like Jeff will abandon all domestic responsibilities now that he is working full time, not at all, he just won't be so available to help whenever it suits me...which is an adjustment!

One thing I am finding challenging about our new routine is figuring out what to feed VIolet when we get home from work/ her school at 5:00. You see our supper won't be ready for at least an hour and she is hungry from an afternoon running around. She hasn't been sold on having a banana or an apple and I don't want to fill her up before dinner (her suggestion is always fishies, but they are so salty and I worry she won't eat real food at supper). Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe smoothies?

I am so proud of Jeff. He waited a long time for a job, and I can see how happy he is. We'll adjust to this new pace of life. It will just take a little time.



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