Monday, May 21, 2012

Anne's Land

{daddy-daughter soft-serve}

There is something special about PEI. Every time I am there I ask myself why I don't make it over more often. This weekend the beauty of the island was enhanced by perfect weather. It was hot. Hot! In PEI, in May -- that is unheard of. We had the most relaxing visit you could hope for with a three year old in tow. 

Jeff went out fishing with a second cousin -- everyone is a second cousin in Murray Harbour (home of Brad Richards, but more importantly home of the Harris clan). He had the time of his life and brought back lunch to boot:

{we like our lobster cold}

{with potato salad of course}
This weekend my grandfather said to me, "when people look around Murray Harbour they see houses, but I see history." He was born and raised there, and he and a few of his brother's still call it home. I can see why they wanted to stay: 

{water like glass}

{not a bad day to be a lobster fisherman}

{home of the world's best clam strips -- or at least Murray Harbour's best}

{the apple blossom's were just coming out in town}
We spent the weekend reading (I started and almost finished The Corrections - finally, and on the recommendation of a friend - Jonathan Franzen is a man who can write); playing at the beach; and of course eating lots of food made by my grandparents and served in Midwestern proportions. I think a cleanse is in order.

{Uncle David's beach}

{not so little girl}


{Violet and her papa -- she looks like a little fairy}
I can honestly say I feel really relaxed, I still feel the red sand between my toes -- I am ready for a four day week. Gosh, I love long weekends. We need one every month, no?



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