Thursday, May 3, 2012

girl party

{all girls?}
And the verdict is...girls weekend! Yay!

I've decided to bring lady Vi with me to Fredericton for the race. She'll miss her demonstration at dance (aka recital), but I've signed her up for dance camp as consolation. Efforts have officially begun to make the race weekend special for all involved. The picture above is Violet's reaction to news we would be taking an all girls road trip -- see that joy? I think I made the right decision.

In other female family member news, Laura Lou is back from South East Asia and she actually looks a different race than when she left. When we were having dinner last night my mum said (more than once), "I can't believe how dark you are Laura. Em, you look so white." It is worth a few insults to have her back in the country!

I am now officially taking suggestions for our all girls road trip play list. What should we listen to?

I've already got this one :



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