Tuesday, May 29, 2012

footballer's mother

{"this jersey is clearly too big and I am freezing"}
It was less than 10 degrees in Halifax tonight. Awesome for three and four year olds who want to place soccer... Actually, it was the parents who really suffered, at least the kiddos were running around!

I can't write as affectionately about soccer as I can about dance class. I played soccer as a kid so I don't have to live this one through Vi. (My friend Aja will tell you I played on a remedial team, but I was blissfully unaware of that fact at the time, although the revelation certainly stung in high school!) Even though I can't wax poetic about my experience as a soccer mom I am happy Violet is going to be playing her first official team sport, and I love the idea of Tuesday evenings spent running around outside. I love the idea of a tuckered out girl falling into bed without an epic battle for one more story if the truth is to be told.

Side note: I hope that next week Violet doesn't have to wear two jackets under her uniform. Although if it looks that big with two jackets underneath we will be in full blown caftan territory next week!

Violet warmed up both literally and metaphorically as the night went on. By the end she was screaming, "I can kick faster than you" as she ran around the field. I am not sure speed of kicking is anything to be proud of, but she was feeling pretty good about it!

We wrapped up the evening with a quick trip to Dee Dees -- Violet had mint chocolate chip (mean mummy said no to the real thing) and Jeff had the maple walnut -- holy hannah. Get down to Dee Dees and try it. So good. So so good.

I am off to take a warm bath, my toes are still cold and my bed is singing a siren song.



{so she is capable of listening}

{only in Canada would one have to wear two jackets to play soccer at the end of May}

{ice cream night cap}

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