Saturday, December 8, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Thanks for "bearing with" (have you been watching Miranda as instructed?)

Here is an truncated version of my weekly thankful post:

{Jacob Pinocchio Strawberry Shortcake Frances Mae Pond Blueberry Bingo}
After some initial trepidation Jacob has become integrated into our morning routine. I have yet to be late for work, but I see it coming! Here he is perched on Vi's piano. I  briefly considered replicating the famous Pretty Woman grand piano scene, but then, being the responsible mum I am I decided against it (read: I had no Barbie to make the scene feel real and I would never want to do Pretty Woman an injustice).

{Christmas cards}
Last year my friend designed the cutest Christmas cards for us. Since she went ahead and had a very cute baby this year she didn't set up the Etsy store I requested (the nerve!). After receiving a very darling birth annoucement we turned to a local favourite. I am so happy with them. Sending Christmas cards feels so grown up. (Anytime I do something by a prescribed date I feel pretty smug. Set the bar low and you'll have lots to feel good about!).

...I am grateful for lots more, but my husband will not be grateful if I keep typing. He wants to watch a movie...twenty-five minutes ago.

Better run!



links for your amusement:

Now if they could engineer a tree that would last from Canadian Thanksgiving until Christmas, that would be impressive

Goodnight Moon 2.0

My Grampy Hope (my mum's dad) lived in Halifax during the Explosion. True to Hope form there are some gruesome stories to accompany the experience, although this time no one can accuse them of embellishing. I only remember a little bit about my Grampy, but I hope he'd be proud my sweet little girl is named after him (his name was Francis, not Violet. Don't be silly)

So you think you want to own a restaurant (sigh)

I wrestled with my umbrella this week. I wonder if this would work?

A house for Eddie is an opportunity -- I love this

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