Sunday, December 30, 2012

holiday baking: a user's guide to gaining 5lbs in one week

{Crack Pie}

{creme fraiche quiche}
Holiday eating is exhausting. Everywhere I go deliciousness abounds. Rich desserts, salted meats, creamy cheeses, crunchy nuts, warm drinks, cold drinks...what is a girl to do? Eat. Eat without pause. I think I can safely say that I haven't actually felt hungry since the middle of December, possibly earlier. How gross it that? How lucky is that? I'm not sure.

I really shouldn't throw stones considering that I live in a giant dessert filled glass house. I too am guilty of contributing to the gluttony that comes with the season. I made some of my old favourites (date loaf and chocolate shortbreads) and Jeff's new favouite (gooey chocolate stack), but I also tried a few new recipes as part of a new project with Cilatro The Cooks Shop. Mum is the word on the project for now, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you and endorse each of the recipes I tried. In particular, I want to recommend that you make the crack pie. A) It is called crack pie -- so cheeky, B) it is better than crack, I am almost sure of it.

I think I'll be looking for healthier fare in the new year so if you have any delicious light recipes you want to pass along my family and my arteries will thank you. Until then (how many hours of indulgence do I have left?) I will feast on butter and brown sugar because really, why stop now!



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