Wednesday, December 19, 2012

cold rain, warm spices

{thank you Martha}
Today was the worst. I walked to work in a veritable rain storm. I know I am prone to exaggeration so I will note there were actual rainfall warnings. I almost cried. (I did cry.)

After being absolutely pelted with cold December rain I arrived at my office looking like I had been in the shower with my clothes on. An umbrella and wellies were no match for the weather in Halifax today. To add insult to injury my new boss saw me in this state -- my hair was wild(er than usual), my umbrella looked like it had gone through a lawn mower and, perhaps most embarassingly, mascarra was cascading down my cheeks. He was kind enough not to say anything, but I can only imagine his shock. Not a great start to the day. I was soaked to the bone. My lunch bag was full of water, my briefcase was full of water, even my coffee cup (which was closed for the duration of my journey) was full of water. I dried off around 3:00 and headed home at 4:00.

The walk home was marginally better than the morning but still terrible.

To try to save the day from being a complete write off Violet and I made molasses cookies when we got home. The smell of the warm spices and the little hands helping me downgraded my mood from rage to slightly annoyed. When I took a bite of a warm cookie, happy thoughts began to filter into my mind again. How can you stay mad when your eating a fresh cookie?

Riddle me that.



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