Sunday, December 16, 2012

gooey chocolate stack

One of the greatest things about having Jeff "back" is that we can entertain again. We had friends over last night and I wanted to make something special for the occasion. Enter the gooey chocolate stack. I've been eyeing the recipe for years in my beloved How to be a Domestic Goddess cookbook, but I had a bad run in with a pavlova a few years ago and I was a little afraid of attempting another meringue. I shouldn't have worried, the stack was almost as easy to make as a regular old chocolate cake and it definitely had more wow factor. 

Jeff sweetly remembered that yesterday was the third anniversary of our first date. After trying the gooey chocolate stack he told me that if I had made it for him on our first date he would have proposed then and there. If that is not a ringing endorsement for a dessert I don't know what is!



{mise en place}
{action shot}

{whisk until firm, yes m'am} 

{the before}

{creme patissiere}

{it was this good!}

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