Tuesday, December 4, 2012

and then there were three

{when do I get to hang out with my dad? seriously?}

Jeff is back! Marking is done! The Christmas tree is up! The Christmas tree will go up this weekend!

I am so excited to get our little place ready for Christmas. I have recipes I want to try, old favourites I can't wait to make again and special treats I love picking up this time of year. We don't go crazy with decorations, but I love trimming our tree and bringing out all our favourite little trinkets. Vi is so good not to touch anything. Jeff should take a page out of her book, he has already smashed an ornament!

Do you do Elf on the Shelf with your kids? There seems to be some controversy surrounding the little guy. Apparently some people don't want to lie to their kids (hello Santa). Anyhow, my sweet in-laws sent Violet one this week. You are asked to name the Elf as soon as you get it. Violet christened hers Jacob Pinocchio Strawberry Shortcake Blueberry Bingo, middle name -- Frances Mae Pond. Anyhow she is totally petrified of it. I think it makes her feel guilty or something, she is afraid of a bad report. Tonight she told me she didn't like how he was looking at her. What a character!

Here are a few pictures I snapped this weekend. Just odds and sods, keep in mind I spent almost the entire time strapped to my desk up to my neck in assignments



{tip: the best eggs come from the Mennonites in the back corner}

{it is going to be a long winter}

{Christmas came early for my carnivorous husband}

{welcome home cookies for Jeff}

{oh those lashes} 

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