Friday, December 14, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

My heart feels heavy as I write this post. Hug the ones you love extra tight tonight. When I heard about the tragedy in Connecticut I told Jeff I want to put Violet in a box and sit on it until she is thirty. (A warm cozy box of love -- you know what I mean).

I feel particularly grateful sitting here tonight with my cranky kiddo and tired husband right beside me.
{first batch of Christmas cookies}

I made these cookies last night with my little elf helper. I have a girl crush on Nigella Lawson (if you hadn't picked up on that) and  so I bestowed the honour of our first Christmas cookies on her. Wait, that makes it sound like I gave them to her -- I didn't. I used her recipe though! It is dark when I leave for work and when I get home so this shot is pretty brutal (plus I think I messed up the settings on my camera last night), but I assure you chocolate shortbread and cold glasses of milk were enjoyed by all after supper tonight.

{Christmas Traditions}
When I was little we had a lot of traditions. We always ate by candle light, we sang grace before supper and the only tv show we were allowed to watch was Road to Avonlea. If you ever wondered how I became so cool, now you know! One Christmas tradition we had was to burn an advent candle. Now Jeff and I do it with Violet. The candles haven't changed at all and I love that about them. Vi seems to be pretty into the idea and I am up for anything that builds anticipation for Christmas.
{Winter Fare}

I made bangers and mash for Jeff last week. Well, I made it for everyone but I did it because I thought he would like it. I didn't look at a recipe and I think I missed the mark a little. All I made were bangers and mash -- literally. Well, I fried up some onions. What am I missing? (I know this is a "let me google that for you moment", but if you have bangers and mash expertise I'd love to hear about it). Oh -- I did add celeriac to the mash -- so yummy.


this seems like a new low

until you read this...

I'll take one of each please (especially the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook if you're listening Jeff Santa)

I haven't seen any of these movies, we've been so out of the loop this year. Time to catch up before awards season!

We're having friends over tomorrow and I am going to make this or this for dessert. I can't wait.

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