Sunday, August 26, 2012

those who wait

{peach vanilla bundt cake}
It has been so hot this summer that baking has been the furthest thing from my mind. While, not the furthest, I often think of baked things I'd like to eat, but then I think about the heat my little oven produces and I quickly move on. I have just recently started trolling Pinterest for recipes (I know, late to the table) and I came across a recipe for peach bundt cake. I love bundt cakes because of their pretty shape and unabashed simplicity. I saw local peaches for sale at the market yesterday and it was as though the stars had aligned. I felt destined to make this cake.

My destiny turned out to be a bit of a bummer. I started baking the cake only to realize that I was missing a few ingredients -- so typical. Jeff was already out so he was able to come to my rescue. By that time the cake was half made and I was over it. It was hot and getting late and I was so ready for bed. When Jeff got home I finished the cake, popped it in the oven and gave him instructions about when to take it out. I fell asleep about 30 seconds after that.

When Jeff got up to go golfing this morning (at 5:00 am -- crazy) I popped out of bed and ran (read: stumbled) to the kitchen. The bundt was still on its bottom (uncovered...Jeffrey....). I tipped it over. No movement. I gave it a little shake. Still nothing. I gave the cake a big shake and the bottom fell out. Just the bottom. Oh dear. I used a spatula to remove the top of the cake (from the layer of peaches upward), but I am afraid the bundt-y beauty was gone. I should have stayed in bed. I should have let the cake come out on its own.

I pieced it back together and it tastes fine, but what is the point of an ugly bundt? In this case, beauty is at least half the point.



{yikes! you should see what this was supposed to look like!}

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