Tuesday, August 21, 2012

all growed up

{I'm with the band}

Violet had a sleepover last night. A real sleepover with a friend from Susie -Q's. I half thought I would get a call before bed, I half hoped I would. She is a brave one that Lady Vi.

Just because she is old enough to sleep at someone's house doesn't mean I let her wear makeup (see above). On Sunday afternoon Violet was invited to a rockstar birthday party -- the kids were instructed to dress up. It is possible we (meaning I) went a little overboard with the eye makeup -- it looked particularly cute when the kids got in the mini pool. Yikes! Ever use makeup remover on a little kid? It is a lovely bonding experience...Also, using the flat iron on Violet is a total waste of time, she is a hot little thing and the moment she starts perspiring those curls can't help themselves, hairspray be damned! I guess there is a reason I normally don't give Violet full hair and makeup treatment.  Though we do love a good costume party around here. Violet is already thinking about Halloween.

I'm loving all the fun things that we get to do with Violet as she gets older, but part of me really wants her to stay little. Sleepovers at three? I'm not sure I am ready for this.



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