Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Luckett Vineyards

{we weren't on a date, but it would be a good place to go on one!}

Growing up in the Annapolis Valley I think I always had an inkling that it was a special place. Summers tasted like hot, buttery corn on the cob and fresh blueberries (or better yet, fresh blueberry grunt). The hot, dry summer weather meant lots of bridge jumping and tubing down the Gaspereau River. Even the winters seemed more fun. Lots of snow kept my siblings and I pinned to the radio every morning from October until April, our fingers crossed for a snow day -- which happened all the time. Best news every time! 

Small towns are a great place for kids – everyone knew everyone and backyards seemed to meld together and make one giant play area. I don’t think I could convince Jeff to live in Wolfville, but we sure do love to visit.

Yesterday we took his mum and sister to Luckett Vineyards. It was so lovely. There was a cool breeze, a great view and, of course, we had the best company. I couldn’t believe how nice the vineyard was. How have we not been here before, kept running through my head. The winery has a beautiful patio with a great view of the whole Gaspereau Valley. We grabbed a drink and laid low in the shade.

I would drive an hour just to have lunch there. Anyone up for a road trip? I seem to have a few options! 



{we miss you Pond ladies already}

{just up from a nap -- I forgot her sunnies -- she was not amused}

{Juliet for Julia}

{so pretty}

{have you ever tried to cook fresh artichokes? I haven't}

{these are in my fridge, and my belly!}

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