Friday, August 31, 2012

sweet dreams

{white with a little bit of color -- from pinterest, source unknown}

{funny right? order one here}

Remember that little list I promised to complete before I turned thirty?


Me either, let's move on.

Just kidding. I have been working away on a few of my goals (thank you notes have all been sent -- Jeffrey you better get yours in the mail, 18 days and counting), and I am very slowly reading Great Expectations.

September always brings with it a feeling of optimism, does it not? Fresh starts. Maybe that is why I have been itching to make some changes to our rather drab bedroom. Which brings me to goal number seven:

7. Spruce up our bedroom. I think we deserve more than a bed and a few tables. No idea what vibe I (oh sorry, we) want but the prison cell look isn't working for me.

I am thinking mostly white with a few pops of color. We'll have to paint the walls (and by "we" I clearly me not me, but Jeff), maybe get some new bedding (even though I love love love our current grey duvet) and then think about color.

I already bought some fun marrimeko fabric and the hilarious (to me at least)  pj print you see above. I am thinking that coupled with some bring pillows that should be enough color. My goal is for the room to be relaxing, but lighthearted. Is it weird to say I am going for a Scandinavian vibe? What do you think? Advise is welcome!



ps - I love these pillows. So cheeky ;)

You can buy the pillows on etsy. Check out this cute shop!

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