Saturday, August 18, 2012

groundhog day

{we cross our legs toward each other, that means we like each other -- ever seen Clueless?}

Last Saturday we got up early, headed to the market and then hit the road for the valley. It was so fun we thought we would do it all over again this week. Seriously, that is what we thought. My sweet friend Anna is heading back out West (temporarily we are all assured) and I had to squeeze in one last visit.

Last weekend her sister, who just had a baby, was sweet enough to have us over for lunch -- we thought we would put her hospitality to the test and visit her again this week. Luckily she and her husband are two of the nicest people you'll meet. They even acted like they were happy to see us again -- just what a family with a new baby wants, visitors!

I personally think it stinks that we lose so many good Maritimers to the West. I totally get it, but that doesn't stop it from stinking. Luckily this friend's roots are deep (like an apple tree...) and I just know she'll be back.

The fact her sister has one of the cutest babies around is an even bigger incentive to get back on the right side of Canada.

I'll miss you Anna!




{come back home Auntie Anna}

{I brought cheese and bread from the market}

{Anna out did me with homemade blueberry pie}

{silly girls}

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