Friday, August 3, 2012

rule breaker

{selfie + maxi = questionable behaviour}

I did two things today that I generally would not approve of:

(1)  I wore a maxi skirt
(2)  I took (and published) a selfie

I’ll elaborate.

I have been really wanting to wear a floor length dress or skirt for a few years, but given the fact I am 5 foot 3 it never seemed like a very flattering option. (5’ 3” is my legitimate height by the way for all you doubters out there, husband will attest to it – he made me prove it, apparently I have an air of shortness about me.) Anyway, when I saw a pretty coral colored maxi skirt on sale I couldn’t resist. Why should I let my height impede my style...

Now I have explained the maxi skirt, but I still have to come clean about the selfie. A selfie, for those of you who don’t know, is a photo you take of yourself – worst explanation ever. The word isn’t in the OED so I’ll have to try to explain it myself. Selfies are normally really flattering (to the point of being misleading); they are often taken with cell phones; the subject tends to be pouting, or looking otherwise sultry; they are extremely popular with the tween crowd.

I admit that when I first bought my MacBook (eons ago) I too took my fair share of selfies using the program photobooth. You can get a pretty flattering shot when you have a couple of hours and some good lighting. It’s true. It happened. I have, however, not taken a selfie in a least five years and I have made the odd joke about the phenomenon.

Despite my aversion to maxi length anything and to selfies I really wanted to document my bravery. So I bit the bullet and took a selfie on my front porch at 7:00 am before work. All I could think about was my neighbour who walks his dog around the block every morning. I prepared a response in case he spotted me, “Oh hi there. You may be a crown attorney, but this is what important people do before work – move along, nothing to see here.” Happily I was spared this embarrassment.

I like the color of the skirt, and I like that I still have a slight tan, but I think I was correct in my assertion that maxi length skirts are not the most flattering thing in the world for a petite gal like me. Also, I need to work on my selfie skills, wow, a girl can get seriously out of practice. You know what is worse than a selfie? A person who can’t even take decent one. Oh geez. Reason # 1, 500, 000 I could never be a style blogger.

Have a great long weekend!

The Ponds are in town so I expect good times will be had by all on Newton Ave!



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