Thursday, August 16, 2012

one more Vi story {yeah right}

It is a darn good thing she is cute.

Tonight as I was brushing Violet's teeth she kept running out of the bathroom excited to tell her dad the latest thought that entered her mind -- very cute, very annoying. After a few trips in and out I told her that she needed to stay put until her teeth were brushed or she would lose a privilege (everything but water is a privilege at our house ;) I guess she thought she might as well try her hand at discipline because she looked at me and said, "and you mummy, will not be allowed to wear my shoes". She is currently having a love affair with flip flops -- very glamorous and very grown up. I told her that disciplining was for mummies and daddies, not little girls. It was at this point she looked at me like I was a complete idiot (I think she gets that particular expression from me), and said, "I was just saying my shoes are too small for you"...

Give me strength!

I know I seem like I have been ribbing Violet lately (well, in the last post anyhow). In fairness to her she has been sick (cold and a nagging tummy bug), and this humidity coupled with the change in seasons is making me restless. I don't want to wish away the end of our glorious summer, but it was nice to feel the rain today. Everything will be clean and new tomorrow and for that I am grateful.



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