Thursday, August 23, 2012

sweetie pie wedding shower

{peach, blueberry and cherry-raspberry pie}

On Monday night my mum, my sister and I hosted a "sweetie pie" wedding shower for our dear friend Lily. We hemmed and hawed about a shower "theme", but after learning that our all time favourite pie maker (and friend) recently started selling her wares the decision was easy. All pies, all night. So darn delicious.

Pie is such a treat because if you are anything like me, and I suspect you are, you never make pie -- it is way too hard! Pastry seems so simple, there are so few ingredients and even the method isn't that daunting, and yet I have never made a pie I was truly proud of. The rolling out part gets me every time. Also -- the removal of the pie from the pan never seems to go well which is acceptable for the first slice I suppose, but not every single subsequent morsel that is removed from the pan.

Ellen Stirling is the Jamie Oliver of pie making -- she makes it look easy and she looks cute doing it ;)  Seriously, the pies were amazing. If you are ever in need of pie email me and I will put you in touch with Ellen (unlike most middlemen I will not take a cut I promise!)

It was a pleasure to host a bridal shower for Lily; we've known her since she called cows "moo moos" -- at least four or five years ;) She gets married tomorrow and she is going to be the most beautiful bride.

Here are a few pictures from her shower. None are of people -- I seem to get distracted around people. I'll work on that!

Congratulations Lily and Tom!



{pretty pies on pretty cake stands}

{bunting a la Adrienne Harris}

{fresh lemonade and a really old pitcher}

{the favour: wild blueberry jam made with love by my mum and my Nanny}

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