Thursday, June 7, 2012

wet hair is in style -- finally

{ready for bed or for the runway -- you decide}

Despite my best intentions I often leave the house with wet hair. No matter how much time I give myself to get ready I always try to do too much and end up running late. Being late is not conducive to good hair, especially my hair. My hair is thick and very unruly and cannot be whipped into something presentable in less than half an hour. Since spending more than half an hour on my hair feels a little self-indulgent on days when I only have two or three waking hours with my child, I spend a lot of time with my hair in a very wet top knot. Imagine then my delight when twice in as many days I read that wet hair is in style. Apparently the beautiful people have deemed it socially acceptable -- nay fashionable -- to leave your house the same way you left your shower. Do you know how much time this will save me this summer?

This is even better news during the rainiest Spring I remember. Is it just me or has it been raining for three weeks straight? The silver lining is now you don't have to worry about your hair getting wet in the rain -- embrace it, you are in the company of the very fashionable (and Vi and I).

Let it rain!



{no time on your hair means more time for your lips?}

{You don't look like this when you get out of the shower? Weird}

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