Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nigella light

{Nigella Lawson's soba noodle salad}
{light and refreshing}

Nigella Lawson is not known for her light fare; she didn't get those hips (nor that cleavage) by eating salad. Her love for an extra dollop of cream is part of the reason I love her, but on any given weeknight I am more apt to make something healthy than something really indulgent. Her soba and sesame seed salad is a perennial favourite in our family. We hadn't made it yet this season, but the sun was shining and the meal we had planned felt too "stick to your ribs" for the weather. We enjoyed the salad with panfried haddock tonight, but it is excellent on its own. We've taken it with us on picnics and it is a healthy substitute to a traditional potato salad for a BBQ or any summer fete really.

I was surprise (read: annoyed) that the only sesame seeds I could find at the grocery store were pre-toasted. Seriously? It takes mere minutes to toast sesame seeds, never mind the fact that sometimes I'd like them un-toasted thank you very much. I won't name the offender, but the store isn't owned by Galen Weston, he would ever do something like that to me, not in his cute little Joe Fresh v-necks...swoon.

I digress...

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful night.



You can find the recipe in Nigella's book Summer or online (here).

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