Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the skinny

{definitely not a fashion blogger}
10. Buy jeans that I like and stop pretending that leggings are pants. I have always hated shopping for pants. I have to get over this. No one wants to see my almost-thirty-year-old-butt in a pair of tights. Yoga pants are revealing enough for a woman of my age...

"Buy jeans?"

"Yes, buy jeans"

"Buying jeans was one of your goals before you turned thirty...just buying jeans...seriously?"

"Yes, Jeffrey just buying jeans. You don't understand how much I hate shopping for jeans."

"I do not get you"

"Can you just take a picture of my jeans please"

"Just your jeans?"

"Yes, just my jeans"

"This is so weird Em"

"Could you just take the picture"

"They don't even look like jeans they look like leggings"

Emily reviews photos on iphone.

"Hmmmm, without the rest of my body to contextualize the photos my legs look a little stout"

"Don't worry, I always look thicker in photos than I do in real life, I don't worry about it, I know I am a slender guy"

"You think I look thick?"


"Let's try one with the rest of your body"

"Okay, just don't get my face or hair"


"What? I just got out of the shower, stop judging me"

Jeff looks at photo on iphone and says in high pitched voice, "My name is Emily, where are my arms, where is my head"

"Not funny Jeff...this is so humiliating"

To do before I turn thirty item #10 done; dignity slightly less in tact that before I shared this conversation.




  1. oh my goodness, this was the funniest. thank you for sharing, I have these conversations all the time... it is humiliating but at least we can all feel at ease knowing we are not alone.

    1. Sorren I have a new found respect for you and everyone who can take/share seriously beautiful photos of themselves. You make it look effortless...now I know it likely isn't!!