Sunday, June 17, 2012

a day for those who father

{name one thing yummier than a fresh strawberry}

{this meal was brought to you by Sweet William}

{thank you Mennonite family at the market for these eggs. Sorry I always call you Amish}

{table settings are really important to the men in my life, this was all for them}

{my heart is full of love for each one of these lovelies}

Meat. Golf. Meat. Soccer.

Aren't the men of the world lucky this Father's Day? The Euro Cup and the US Open. Bacon for breakfast, burgers for supper. Those lucky devils.

It is as though the universe is saying they've been good dads this year.

We reminded the men in our lives of this fact by having a father's day breakfast. I think they liked it.

I think Father's Day would be more appropriately named if it were called Fathering Sunday. The Brits have a similarly named day in honour of those who mother. It is more inclusive and, I think, more accurate. I bet we can all name someone who fathered us at some point in our lives who isn't our biological dad.

Being a dad, just like being a mum, is a choice you make everyday. Violet and I are so blessed to have dads who take their job as fathers seriously.



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