Monday, June 4, 2012


{would you leave the city to wake up to this?}

Jeff and I are not in the market to buy a house.

When we are ready to buy a house we really hope to live on the peninsula.

Despite this we couldn't help ourselves from taking an impromptu road trip to Indian Harbour to see a house my mum found on MLS. My mother and Jeffrey have a mutual love for/ obsession with MLS -- you know the website with the all the real estate listings. Neither of them are actually looking to buy a house, but they can tell you everything on the market at any given time! On Saturday my mum came across a really cute house with an ocean view and a shockingly low price tag. She showed it to Jeff and I and even though I really, really love living in the city I immediately pictured myself waking up to the sound of waves crashing through an open window. I thought about Violet running freely down the beach her wavy hair cascading down her back (I tried not to think of the effect sea air has on my own hair). I even thought, maybe I could work from home a few days a week. I was working out the details.

We piled in the Jeep and drove 50 km out a twisty old highway past Peggy's Cove. When we arrived at the property my heart sank. The house was just as sweet as I pictured but instead of being across the street from the ocean (I knew it was only ocean-views, not ocean front), it was directly across  from Oceanstone resort. I think you would have an ocean view if you stood on the roof and jumped (on a clear day, if you were really tall).

Even if it had been the house of our dreams and we could make it work financially, I'm not sure I could live 45 minutes outside the city down a twisty seaside highway. But, looking at that picture, I still think under the right circumstances I could swing it.

It is fun daydreaming, and I am so lucky I have a husband that indulges my whims (and a daughter who doesn't mind going for a drive...nine times out of least seven times out of ten!)

Would you leave the city to live by the sea?



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