Sunday, June 3, 2012


{matching sandals, matching pedis}
A sunny Saturday wedged between a week of rain and a week of forecasted rain is a beautiful thing. We took advantage of the nice weather: we ditched our wellies in favour of sandals; blew bubbles in the backyard and had a BBQ with friends. This is what spring should feel like.

As an aside, I made rhubarb crisp yesterday and the recipe called for the first rhubarb of the year, then it mentioned the month of January. Rhubarb in January? I wish! More like rhubarb at the end of May if we are lucky and even then it will be so sour your cheeks might implode. Why do we choose to live in Canada again? On days like this I vaguely remember!



Here are a couple cute pictures from our day:
{when dad joins the dance party the dance party ends}

{waiting patiently while Nana and Papa look for flowers}

{a vision of Spring}

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