Sunday, June 10, 2012

food, flowers and that face

How was your weekend?

Too short?

Me too.

We managed to have lots of fun even though the weather did not cooperate at all. I know I've been talking about it a lot lately, but seriously what is with this weather? When I lived in Calgary I totally romanticized East Coast weather. I thought the rain was refreshing, the fog romantic and the mist revitalizing. I longed for those quintessential Halifax nights where the fog hovers just above the harbour. I missed how healthy my skin felt and how moisturizing was optional, not mandatory for keeping your skin on. Now that I am back I remember: towels don't dry between showers, the distinct smell of mildew is omnipresent this time of year, and that humidity is good for skin, but really bad for hair. (I actually never forgot how bad this climate is for hair, I just blocked it out of my mind.)

There are, however, things to do in the rain and this weekend they included: ogling brand new babies, baking, running outside when the rain subsided to shake the giggles out of the wee one, and planting a few more flowers (and then feeling smug about how hardcore a gardener I've become even though all I did is put geraniums in a planter. But it was raining really hard and I didn't even wear gloves which is something). 

I hope you managed to keep dry this weekend. Fingers cross for a Vitamin D enriched week!



{just another hipster at the market}

{now that is a cute face}

{pink, pink and red -- guess who choose these?}

{nothing says new baby like a caramelized garlic tart}

{I am so happy to have my slippers back, thanks Alex!}

{a rhodo, a Violet and a mama}

{I just can't get enough of this face!}

{chasing bubbles = burning energy = good sleep? fingers crossed!}

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