Friday, March 29, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Oh, how I love a long weekend. Four whole days off, what a nice little break from the doldrums of winter. Pharmacy chocolate and roasted lamb, here we come! (I know Easter is about more than chocolate and roasted baby animals, I promise.)

We started the festivities with a neighbourhood egg hunt. Vi was pleased with her haul, and I was pleased with the sunshine. What a great start to what will hopefully prove to be a great long weekend. I love days when Violet is weepy at supper because she has run her little legs off all day. I can so deal with that sort of a tired girl.

On another note, Jeff and I started watching House of Cards last night on Netflix, have you seen it? I didn't love it right away, but now that we are a few episodes in I am totally into it. In fact, my sweet husband is beckoning me to watch an episode as we speak. He is deep in study mode so I have to take advantage of every moment I get to spend with him (never mind the fact I almost always fall asleep when we watch anything past 7:00 pm -- no joke.)

Have a lovely evening friends!

Here is some scintillating reading for all your spare time this weekend:

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