Monday, March 11, 2013

don't jinx it

Do I dare say it? It was actually kind of nice out yesterday. Less so today, but the sun did come out late in the afternoon. A little bit of sun is so welcome this time of year. Growing up in Wolfville, I remember the students on days like today. I would be in my snowsuit (my mum always made me wear it), and students would be lying on the roofs of Victorian houses in various stages of undress. I was so jealous. 

A little warm feels a lot warm in March, no? 

We've been doing a lot of biking over here on Newton Ave. Specifically, Violet has been doing a lot of biking and we've been doing a lot of walking/running/chasing. Fun times. It's actually cool getting to see Violet improve. There is less drama with each outing (there is always drama, just varying degrees of drama). 

I always take my camera with us, heaven forbid I miss a moment of Violet's development. I was supposed to take portraits this week for my photography class, but whenever I get Vi to pose she does this really weird child star/ toddlers and tiaras face. It is cute, but it isn't her. My goal is to figure out how to get candid pictures where Vi just happens to be staring sweetly into the camera. Wish me luck with that.

Come on Spring. We're all up early, waiting for you to show your sweet green face. Don't disappointment. 



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