Friday, March 8, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Well, we made it (barely). Another Friday. Hallelujah. Jeff is officially back in study mode so Vi and I are back in girl time mode. We like it, but we miss our third musketeer. Oh, big news, we've slightly modified our Friday night routine. (Hell just froze over.) I never thought these words would cross my lips (or that I would type them): Salvatores has been going down hill lately. Too much sauce. Salvatores sauce is amazing, but the sauce to cheese ratio has been totally throwing off our family night. Has anyone else experienced this? We ate the same kind of pizza every Friday night for two years and loved every second of it and now this is how we are repaid? Too much sauce? Well, I never. Foodies close your ears, we have actually started having frozen pizza, Presidents Choice no less. Judge away, it is delicious.

Quick aside: how dreamy is Galen Weston?

So frozen pizza, rented movies (people do still rent movies in 2013) and the three musketeers for a night. Not everybod's idea of a good time, but there is nowhere I would rather be.

Unless of course you have plane tickets to warm destinations on offer. I would rather be a few other places...



Here are some images of my child doing mostly mundane activities. Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart?

ps -- Precious Jules took almost all of these pictures.

pps -- there are fun links after the million pictures of Violet. Double you're welcome ;)
{out of focus, but I love this for some reason}

don't mind the recycling and broom in the background ^^^^^

{thanks for my ipad Nanny and Poppy}

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