Thursday, March 7, 2013

three oh

{say cheese, you're old now}
Tired but happy. That is how I feel. That is how I feel I look. I guess now that I am thirty I better get used to it.

I actually don't think thirty is very old, and I haven't worried too much about the big day. I've got an update for you on my "to do list" (which I did pretty terribly on), but I need a tripod before I can get the pictures I want, so you'll just have to wait. (I know your breath is bated.) Why do all my hobbies require equipment with such specific purposes? So much gear, so little space. Such a short attention span.

So the big day was fun, not too traumatizing. Jeff and Vi spoiled me with thoughtful gifts (including my first ever little blue box of the Holly Golightly variety) and a nice dinner at the restaurant of my choosing (it took me all day to decide on aMano. Rationale: a recently turned four year old could be as loud as she wanted and no one would hear her, plus the food is really good. I always get the zarzuela, you should try it if you like eating delicious things). Jeff then ducked over to the Bicycle Thief to pick up two delicious desserts which we shared at home directly out of the tin foil take out containers because we are fancy like that. I tried the coconut cream pie Nic -- life changing!

All in all it was a good day, fingers crossed for a good decade.



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