Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Welcome back! I missed you. We had an awful week, yet there were some redeeming moments. How bad can birthday week be? Not as bad as if the same week happened without the cupcakes and presents.

Our sweet girl turned four on Thursday. Since four is the new twenty my job just got a lot easier...or would that be harder? On the big day Violet awoke to a room full of balloons and a two-wheeler bike. This was very thrilling (we awoke to screams, "I got a new bike! I got a two-wheeled bike!"). She had Nutella for breakfast and the day kept getting better from there. Birthday-day melded into birthday-weekend with the arrival of Precious Jules, Vi's beloved auntie from Ontario and my saving grace (who else would cut out polka dots and go to the grocery store countless times and legitimately not one else?).

Birthdays are a nice time to reflect about our kids. Everyone one loves their kids. Everyone thinks their kids are extra-special, but not everyone is accurate in this assessment. Of course I do not suffer from this disillusionment, Violet really is the cat's meow.

Just kidding!

But I do love that girl. I love that she is clever and kind. I love that she wants to be sparkly above all else. I love that "filling buckets" is her preoccupation. Violet is a good egg. I am a proud mum.

Here are some snaps from birthday week on Newton Avenue. Vi's party is this morning, so we are bracing ourselves for shouts of joy, shrieks of delight and the tears that often follow. Refined sugar plus a dozen pre-schoolers equals one awesome way to spend Saturday morning.



ps - I am just learning to shoot manually so there aren't many pictures of people -- they move too fast for me!

{playing hard - too hard to sit still}

{moody tulips}

{birthday week market breakfast}

{Ina Garten you have blessed us}
{chocolate butter cream and sprinkles}

{the antidote to Ina Garten}

{regular old balloons -- doing my part to reverse the helium shortage}

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