Friday, March 15, 2013

The ides of March

^^ I could use more of this weather and less rain/snow, you? (thanks for the photo Jules!)
The ides of March have come...and I literally cannot wait for Spring (you're welcome for the adaptation Bill)

Did anyone else feel like stabbing someone when they woke up? Just me?

The day has gotten better since then for the record. The snow that was falling when I woke up (gross) has turned to the classic Halifax snow-rain combo that is awesome both for the mood and the hair....maybe the day hasn't gotten better!

This week flew by. I was busy trying to figure out what I want to do for my photography class project. (As an aside, please remind me not to take anymore night classes.) Big decision, I know. I did find time to make two recipes (1&2) I pinned a while ago and they were both delicious. It turns out you can trust a women who starves her children to help you make dinner...

So we have a big weekend planned as usual. Movie night tonight obviously and we are sticking with PC pizza. Hey, it works and maybe with the money we save I can buy a wood fire oven and we can make our own amazing pizza with just the right amount of sauce every time. I'm still bitter about Salvatore's. I'd say by next week I might be ready to give it another go. I've always been a sucker for punishment. We also have a photo shoot (ha!), a BBQ with friends and a Sunday afternoon brunch planned (I know brunch isn't supposed to be in the afternoon.) Should be fun.

Have a great weekend friends. Meet you back here on Monday? Go grab a bloody ceasar tonight (too far?), and remember, mid-March snow never lasts.



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