Wednesday, April 3, 2013

banana cream pie...sort of

{banana cream before the cream}
Hi! How was your Easter weekend? Ours was very relaxed, which was just what the doctor ordered. Well, that might not be completely true because somehow I have ended up with the worst early spring head cold of all time. I've been crawling into bed right after supper for the last few nights (hence why all has been quiet on the western front). I am, however, feeling better (huzzah) and I'm ready to share a very yummy recipe with you. I had to wait until I felt better to share this one, because although my banana cream pie looks pretty and it tasted really good, there were a few, ahem, issues. I couldn’t take your judgement and my aching sinuses at the same time. You understand.

I had never had banana cream pie before this weekend. Have you had it? I tend to be a fruit-filled pie sort of girl (don’t get me started on strawberry rhubarb, or for that matter cherry or peach), but I do love coconut cream and pecan pie. I guess when I put it that way I am not that picky when it comes to pie. Slap something sweet between a light flakey crust and you’ll have yourself a happy girl. I don’t even need two crusts, but I digress. I had never had banana cream pie and after seeing a really delicious recipe while I was trying to find the end of the internet one night I decided to make it for Easter.

My pie looked really pretty, it even tasted really good, but unfortunately the custard was much more like a trifle custard than a pie filling -- runny nation. Not so good for photos (or for eating with a fork for that matter). Speaking of trifle, my mum is just the sweetest thing and she said, don’t worry, we’ll serve it in bowls, it will be just like a banana cream trifle. It was well received by all, although it looked rather embarrassing next to my father’s perfect rhubarb pie. Yes, my dad makes pie, pie and Yorkshire puddings. You can be jealous. He is amazing.

Anyhow, here is the moral of the story: if a recipe says use a candy thermometer to judge the temperature of custard, there is probably a reason for it. I know you may fancy yourself a custard connoisseur; I did too before this weekend. My custard looked really thick in the pot on my stove and it was time consuming to get through the sieve, I swear. Despite this my pie was soupy, so do yourself a favour, spend the $15 and buy a candy thermometer for the two times a year you’ll use it. Or, you could just get used to trifle, which isn't the worst thing to have to get used to is it?



Here is a link to the recipe I followed. I take full responsibility for the soupy nature of my pie. It was me, not the recipe I swear. I’d definitely make this again.

{be ready to use a lot of eggs}
{don't even mention the word cholesterol}
{my favourite way to photograph bananas}