Monday, March 4, 2013

Rainbow Bright

{trapped rainbows}
Violet wanted a rainbow themed party this year. I may have planted the seed after seeing the cutest cake in tarnation on pinterest some time ago. As the date of the party got closer, the idea of making a seven layer cake became less appealing. The idea of a bunch of pre-schoolers hopped up on food colouring was also a little disturbing (it was mostly the difficulty that deterred me, if we are being honest).

A rainbow themed party is fun, easy and allows for pretty much anything brightly colored to be involved. I highly recommend it. It also allowed me to squeeze in a healthy dose of fruit and veg (an antidote to sprinkle cake). Our apartment is small so the kids crafted and ate on our dining room floor, but despite my apprehension it all worked out.

We kept the food and decor pretty simple, but I don't think the kids noticed... Here are a few pictures from Vi's big day. Lots of the shots were taken by my sister-in-law Julia (aka Precious Jules). She was my right-hand woman on p-day. If you ever need a party planner, give her a call.



{such easy decorations}

{getting ready}
{rainbow cookies}

{pretty healthy, no?}

{craft time}

{it was kind of hard}

{the present huddle}

{le cake}

{yippee, you're four Vi!}

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