Wednesday, October 31, 2012

c'est l'halloween

How many mini-chocolate bars equal a big chocolate bar?

Don't answer that question.

I tried to buy treats I am not a huge fan of, but then I realize I'll eat almost any treat if it is around. I should have just gotten the stuff I love!

Violet went to a Halloween birthday party this weekend. There really is nothing cuter than babies and toddlers in costumes. Well, pets in costumes are pretty darn cute too! Violet dressed up as a cupcake. When she was given a cupcake at the party her mind was basically blown, "Mummy, I am a cupcake eating a cupcake!". She then proceeded to tell that to every grown up who would listen.

I'll post pictures of the real deal tonight or tomorrow, but here are some cute ones from her weekend warm-up.

Thanks for the great party Sophia!



You know those days when you just can't get a good shot:

{no eye contact}

[slightly creepy expression}

{fake smile/no eye contact}

{sad cupcake}

{Vi got a carving set as a party favour -- cool idea huh?}

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