Thursday, October 4, 2012

summer fare?

{salmon burger with Lou's guacamole}
I am up to my eye balls in grading, but I want to ask you a quick question: are burgers summer fare? Jeff and I have differing opinions on the subject.

I tend to associate burgers with summer -- probably the BBQ connection. He thinks they can, nay should, be eaten year round.

Despite my embrace of all things fall (namely making everything with pumpkin), we have had burgers twice this week (turkey on Monday, salmon tonight). Even though both were delicious (if I do say so myself) it feels wrong. We should be eating butternut squash and hearty soups this time of year not eating raw veggies and meat in a bun.

I may have tested Jeff's love for all things burger tonight. I think what he means by "I love burgers" is "I love meat." He seemed unimpressed I had ground up our beautiful salmon fillets into fish burgers.

Maybe he'll forgive me by next year, when it is appropriate to start eating burgers again.



ps - Brooklyn Burgers are excluded from the opinions expressed above.

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