Sunday, October 21, 2012

the weekend Violet wore striped leggings and forgot her manners

{who me?}
What a weekend. I swear there was something in the water because Violet was a complete imp morning, noon and night. She didn't listen or cooperate without being threatened within in inch of her life (read: without being warned she would lose one of her bedtime stories). Holy frustrating batman.

I'm pretty sure she was doing on purpose, just to test me. I think I saw a twinkle in her eye whenever my blood pressure began to rise.

My mother reminded me that this too shall pass. I glared at her, which basically disproved what she said.

In other news I decided to dress Violet in stripes all weekend. I love stripes and I thought if I focused on the stripes instead of the child we may get along better. It didn't work, but she sure looked cute (just don't tell her that*).



*thanks for recommending this article Shelia!

{in a snit}
{romance novel cover for tots}

{she's cute, but don't tell her}

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