Tuesday, October 9, 2012

sage girl

{why yes that is candy corn on my sweater}
How was your Thanksgiving?

Ours was great, nothing beats a long weekend, but now I have a nasty head cold. I have loads of pictures to share with you but this is all I could muster in an Advil Cold and Sinus induced fog.

One thing I realized this weekend, although it has been a long time coming, is that Violet really is a big girl. She is in no way, shape or form a baby and she knows it.

I'm not sure how early you got up yesterday, but since it was a holiday I'll assume you missed the early morning rainstorm. It poured. When Violet and I arrived at the playground a few hours later the swings were still damp. No matter, Vi used her sweater to mop up the water and had a grand old time swinging away. After a few minutes a little boy, who was maybe two years old, came and sat in the swing next to Violet. It was so cute hearing her talk to him. She told him not to go too high and she called him silly when he said he saw a plane (she argued it was a seagull -- they were looking at two different things). She knew she was older than this little boy and I am pretty sure she thought she was smarter. She obviously loved it. She is always the littlest at our house, so she delighted in her new role.

When the little boy got off the swing he said to his mum, "my bum is wet."

Violet looked at him, took a deep breath and nodded, "it's a wet world", she said.

The two kids paused. The little boy looked at Violet for half a second, almost like he was acknowledging, "that was deep". Then he ran off and sat in a puddle.

Violet kept swinging, thrilled with her little-but-getting-bigger philosopher self.

It is a wet world? That might be my favourite Violetism yet! 



{we live next to one of the only construction sites on the peninsula -- lucky us...}

{she finds herself really funny}

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