Monday, October 1, 2012


Jeff is studying for the CFA which means his evenings and weekends are full of practice problems and tonnes and tonnes of reading (poor dear). While I miss my husband and literally dream about how much time we will have once all this studying is behind him, in his absence I took the opportunity to enjoy some serious girl time this past weekend.

Husbands are great, but you really can't beat a good girlfriend.

I forgot how much I missed hanging out with girls. Growing up I was never one of those girls who hung out with boys. Don't get me wrong I had boyfriends, but they were boyfriends (plug your ears Jeff ) we kissed and that just ruins a friendship. Outside romantic relationships I think I prefer the company of women. Can I even say that?! I'm pretty sure only women read my blog (all blogs?) so I am probably in safe company. I don't think of myself as a really girly girl, but I am a girl's girl (is that even an expression. You heard it here first.)

This weekend I was reminded how insular our lives can become and how important it is to carve out time to nurture relationships outside our immediate families. I know that probably sounds completely exhausting to an already exhausted segment of the population, but I've personally found it so worth it. A day hanging out just mums & babes, an early morning run with a mentor and a dinner with a work-friend turned friend-friend each reminded me how I need to make time to hang out with my ladyfriends. I felt a little like my old pre-mum/wife self.

If you follow my blog (bless your heart) then you know how much I love my little family. We do almost everything together and I love every minute of it (I don't love every minute, that is a lie, but you know what I mean!) I guess I just forgot how much I also love just being me.

Tomorrow I am meeting another girlfriend for coffee, and then this weekend I have an all women's bookclub to go to and I cannot wait for either.

Since I was born in the 80s and came of age (what a weird expression that is) in the 90s I really want to say something about girl power, but I won't.




  1. guys read too Emily! and now im telling Jeff :P

    1. Glad to hear it! I like boys too, just not as much ;)

      Jeff endorsed this post. He likes man time too!

      Also, I tried to check out your blog (and identify you) and I couldn't :(