Wednesday, October 24, 2012

come on in: living room

Come on in! 

Did I tell you about my living room? For the last year it has had a very wet wall. See that fireplace? It was surrounded by a peeling wet wall until about two weeks ago. From what I gather the moisture was from a chimney reno gone wrong -- yikes. The awesome thing about renting is that the work was done and there was nary a bill in sight! The crappy thing about renting is that the problem took, oh, almost a year to be dealt with. I may or may not have told my landlord Christmas would be ruined if the walled didn't get fixed. That is honestly how I felt!

Nothing if not dramatic...

So, what do you think? Would you like to have a coffee with me in this room? That is an actual invitation, not a hypothetical question by the way. Prefer a cocktail? We have a bar, but I want to paint it before I show you. (If you come over I won't hide if, but I don't want to put in online yet.)

I love the light in this room, and the floors and the rad couch we got on kijiji. It isn't mid-century style it is actually from the middle of the last century! We bought it from a very old lady deep in the South End. It's from Denmark, you can imagine my delight.

I seem to gravitate toward blue when it comes to home decor.What colour do you think I should add as an accent? I think yellow maybe, but I haven't found anything yellow that would suit yet.

As always, advice is welcome.



ps -- seriously, when are you coming over?

{slowly rebuilding my (our) library}

{cute couch for a kijiji find no?}

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