Wednesday, October 17, 2012

one of those weeks {and it is Wednesday}

{oy vey}

So last night I made biscuits to go with leftover soup from the weekend -- sounds nice right?

The recipe I tried called for a Tbsp of salt

That is a lot of salt

Did I question said recipe? Not for a minute

The biscuits were beautiful, a mile high

They tasted like a salt lick

Into the compost, the lot of them

Later last night, sweet Jeff took turkey sausages out of the freezer for our dinner tonight

What a helpful husband

Then he forgot about them

I found them this morning

I love the smell of room temperature turkey sausage in the morning


Second dinner time fail of the week (and this was on Wednesday morning)

Needless to say we had breakfast for supper tonight

God bless the scrambled egg



ps -- I am not trying to be a poet -- the period on my keyboard stopped working and Jeff (and more importantly his computer) are out studying for the dang CFA -- not that I feel sorry for myself {cue sobbing into tear soaked pillow}

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