Thursday, October 31, 2013

a minion pumpkin

On Sunday afternoon Violet, Jeff and I were flaked out on the couch after a crazy weekend of quiche and scone baking (me) and daddy day care (jeff). When we heard a knock at the door, I'll admit, my heart sank. I just want to relax, I thought to myself. But guess what? The visitor came bearing gifts -- the coolest pumpkin you've ever seen made especially for the biggest minion fan in Canada. What an awesome surprise. Totally worth getting out of my couch fort for! 

Thanks Uncle Dylan and Alex. We'll never have a cooler pumpkin, I can almost guarantee it! 

xo Em



  1. cute! that pumpkin carving takes talent, and your little one is a doll! xo

    the well-traveled wife
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    1. Thanks, Emi! I can't take credit for the pumpkin, but I can take at least some credit for the little one ;)