Thursday, November 7, 2013

making the most of winter

Okay, so I know it isn't officially winter for another six weeks or so, but can we all admit it might as well be? It is dark early in the morning and early in the evening, the crisp apples are softening and I'm sick of pumpkin spice lattes -- fall is over. I am so not a winter person. In fact I spend an inordinate amount of time dreading its arrival. I hate being cold and other than Christmas there just isn't much I get excited about. Violet, on the other hand, loves winter with passion. On the most classic beach day in mid-July she'll insist she'd rather be in the snow. So weird. If she wasn't my clone I'd question we share genes.

This year I've decided to try to make the most of winter. I had fun with my summer to do list so I thought I would do the same for winter. I tried not to include too many Christmasy items, because I already have enough enthusiasm for that particular season, it is the other weeks and months that make me worried.

What do you think, is this a good list? Did I miss anything? How do you get through the long cold winter?



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