Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Hi! It's been a while. How are you? Things are good over here on Roome. My in-laws are visiting from Ontario so we've been spending lots of time showcasing our fine province (think lobster and trips to the valley) and trying to squeeze six months of quality time into a week. Phew!

What a lovely weekend, huh? The sun shone from the minute we woke up until it set (at supper time, but that is another depressing story). We had an inter-generational, inter-family feast on Sunday and I've never enjoyed a yummier spread. Everyone brought their best to the table (Nanny's gravy and cheese sauce, Mum's cranberry, Dad's pies, Julien's rolls ;) ). Yum! 

Well, back at it this morning. The only thing putting spring in my step is the fact we have a four day week. Those are definitely my favourite type of work week! 

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends! I'm thankful that you take time from your busy days to check on us over here. 



{Violet and Poppy read cookbooks for fun} 
{little hand, big hand}
{its open season for pumpkins}
{I'm thankful for these two weirdos!}
{daytime sequins} 
{Vi and I snuck a grape}

{she wasn't a fan}
{Me, wrapped in a blanket, eating stolen grapes, as captured by Violet}

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