Thursday, October 24, 2013

new series: weekday reading

I love sharing links I've found with you each week, and I was thinking to myself, I wonder if they'd be more useful if I didn't share them on a Friday evening? I know you're busy and Friday nights are made for fabulous dinners followed by romantic strolls on the harbour front movies and snuggles, not internet trolling (although I've been known to combine all three). Anyway, if I can get my act together I'm going to try to share links on Thursdays, because really, what do you have to do on a Thursday night? Dinner-bath-books-bed-gym-wine? Me too. I think we can fit in some internet reading? Let's give it a try, anyway.

To sit or to stand, that is the question

Every country is the best at something

Wasted bagged salad, I can totally relate

You are a good mama, yes you! (via Cup of Jo)

An interesting article about how we value art

I want to make pumpkin pecan scones and maple rice pudding this weekend

The first gift guide of the season (that I've seen)

This is the cutest thing in the whole wide world. Hands down. 



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