Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cape Breton in the fall

I am an island girl at heart, just not the island you're probably thinking of given the picture above. I've told you all about my love for PE island, and it is a deep and steadfast love, but I have to admit, I have a new crush: CB island. Cape Breton in the fall? Absolutely delicious. I was in Cape Breton last week for work and I called Jeffrey and told him we had to move to Inverness. As soon as possible.

The conference I attended was in Baddeck which is totally sweet, but it was Inverness that took my breath away. Have you been? I went on a little road-trip-for-one through the Margaree Valley, which is breathtaking in and of itself, but then I arrived at what can literally only be described as heaven on earth. I think Inverness Beach might be the most breathtaking place I've been. No joke.

A friend of mine told me that her favourite beach is MacLeod's beach  in Broad Cove and when I saw a sign on my way out of town I just had to stop. If I hadn't been so scared that I might (a) drive off a cliff (b) hit a moose or (c) find myself in a scene reminiscent of Deliverance it might have trumped Inverness. I was too scared to stop and get out of my car and really look around. I am a major wimp and rural roads make me nervous. If anyone is up for a road trip I totally want to go back. I have a feeling there are lots of hidden gems in this part of the world!

I've always heard Cape Breton is spectacular in the fall and now I know first hand just how gorgeous it is. I can't wait to bring my family back there next year. I can almost hear Buddy MacMaster now.




  1. Beautiful pictures Em! Adam and I have done the Cabot Trail a couple of times in the fall and it is so, so beautiful at this time of year. Definitely need to make it back there again soon :)

  2. I live in South West Margaree and you would have gone right past my home when travelling to Inverness on Route 19. It is so wonderful to hear someone from away, say how beautiful our island is. Inverness beach is breathtaking as are almost all of the beaches down here. Next time around, spend some time in Mabou. Mabou Coal Mines beach and West Mabou beach are two more breathtaking beaches. You will also find the Red Shoe Pub, owned by the famous Rankin sisters. Local entertainment and great food. During the summer there is the Backroads Bistro. You can't miss it. It is a yellow food truck with black lettering. It sits at the Mabou Marina during the day from Wed - Sat. And is at the wonderful Mabou Farmer's Market on Sundays. There are also The Mull restaurant and The Shining Waters Bakery/Restaurant and Mabou River Inn that has a pizza parlour. All of them are fantastic. Route # 19 from the Causeway all the way to Margaree Forks is well worth the drive. It is so nice to hear that you love this beautiful island. Come again next summer.

    1. Your island is beautiful! I meant every word I said. Thanks so much for all this information. It is so helpful to hear from an *insider* as to where to go and what to see. We will definitely be heading back to CB in the near future! Thanks for reading.